President’s Foreword

Limerick and the wider Mid-West has huge potential. Our geographical location on the Shannon Estuary, proximity to a Shannon Airport and access to state-ofthe-art third-level universities and institutions make Limerick and the Mid-West not only attractive for FDI investment but also for indigenous business growth. Having a vibrant, thriving city centre is key to ensuring our continued success as a viable investable proposition.

At the heart of any powerful and burgeoning region lies a thriving city. Limerick City is the lynch pin of the Mid-West, and its potential for growth is vast. The city has many positives; however, there is still room for improvement in order for it to reach its next level of development in the years to come. With the suggestions and data outlined in this report, Limerick City can be propelled to new levels of success.

Miriam O’Connor, President of Limerick Chamber

A Better City Centre

This report represents the most detailed and comprehensive data study undertaken in recent years for Limerick City Centre. It provides a number of key recommendations that are not only underpinned by official data sources but also by almost 500 city centre stakeholders who responded to the survey. It covers a broad range of themes but isn’t all-encompassing; like any city, Limerick is constantly evolving and will need regular updates to seize opportunities and deal with any challenges. We have listened to our membership and their concerns with the city and brought forward practical and tangible recommendations that will work to improve the city centre if implemented correctly.

Seán Golden, Chief Economist & Director of Policy of Limerick Chamber

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