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We operate under the umbrella of Skillnet Ireland, which includes 70+ networks around Ireland. The name “Skillnet” reflects the marriage of the two core aspects of what we facilitate, upskilling and networking.

Limerick Chamber Skillnet is funded by Skillnet Ireland and member companies. Skillnet Ireland is funded from the National Training Fund through the The Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science. Limerick Chamber Skillnet offers businesses in the Mid-West subsidies of up to 20% towards Training Programmes and Staff Development. We also offer funding for Future Skills Training and Development for the development of new programmes for various sectors and for Skills Connect Programmes.

How Skillnet Helps Your Business

Limerick Chamber Skillnet funds and develops business training in Limerick city and region in any industry or subject area including Microelectronics, Engineering, Hospitality, Hairdressing, Medical Devices, IT, Networking, Employment Law (General Data Protection Programme (GDPR), Management programme and softer skills such as Skills Connect, Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence. We always welcome collaborations with new sectors as well as training and networking proposals.

We have a panel of expert trainers and we can also bring in industry experts for training from as far afield as USA and Europe. Our Skillnet programmes are developed in line with each organisation’s specific requirements, timeframes and schedule and can be run onsite (locally) or online, and so are highly cost-effective. Training content is fully customisable and programmes can be company-specific or public mixed groups.

We’re committed to making business training as simple and straight-forward as possible, and we also look after all the training logistics so each trainee can get the very most from their learning experience.

Employee Activation

Limerick Chamber Skillnet primarily focusses on supporting those in employment within the Mid-West region. Whilst our key focus is on the needs of member companies, we also offer a small number of fully-funded programmes for jobseekers, subject to eligibility criteria and places being available on the programme.

We offer a limited number of FREE places to those who are unemployed and seeking to increase their employment prospects through up-skilling in relevant training. If you are currently unemployed, you may be eligible to attend training with Limerick Chamber Skillnet with no charge or impact on your social welfare payments or benefits (for those who are in receipt of such payments). Click eligibility criteria for more details.

Management Development

Enhancing management capacity, particularly in SMEs, is a national policy imperative and a major priority for Skillnet Ireland and it’s Learning Networks.

Limerick Chamber Skillnet Milestones

In 2017, Limerick Chamber Skillnet was thrilled to receive Future Skills Needs Programme (FSNP) funding where, for the first time in history in the Irish Hairdressing sector, Senior Stylists Managers can graduate with a university-level Certificate in Management from UL.

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