Annacotty Business Park Voices Disappointment in Exclusion from Limerick BusConnects Plan

Limerick, 29th January 2024:  Representatives from Annacotty Business Park have met with Government party TD’s to express their profound disappointment at the exclusion of the business park from the new Limerick BusConnects plan, which aims to enhance public transport across the metropolitan area.

Despite being a vibrant hub for businesses and economic activity, Annacotty Business Park was not incorporated into the comprehensive Limerick BusConnects plan, an initiative designed to improve public transportation infrastructure and connectivity in the region.

In a meeting convened by Limerick Chamber, who is working with member businesses in the Park to achieve improved public transport links, Minister Kieran O Donnell, Deputy Brian Leddin and Senator Maria Byrne heard directly from HR Managers and Company owners about the impact that a lack of connectivity is having on their operations, in particular on recruitment and retention of younger workers.

Highlighting the challenges of requiring prospective employees to have independent transport, and that it limits the pool of potential hires. CEO of Serosep, Dermot Scanlon said “Because there is no bus connectivity to speak of to the business park, we have to ask candidates early in interviews if they have their own car.  E-bikes and cycling is also out for most people because there are no cycle lanes on the Cappamore road and it is extremely busy.  Currently everyone who works with us has no choice but to drive to work.”

Dee Ryan, CEO of Limerick Chamber, underscored the urgency of the matter, noting that approximately 3000 individuals commute to the Annacotty Business Park daily. She said

“We are deeply disappointed that Annacotty Business Park has been overlooked in the Limerick BusConnects plan. These businesses contribute significantly to the local economy, providing employment opportunities and vital goods and services. Inclusion in the public transport improvement plan is critical for them in their hiring and in order to stay competitive. It does not make sense to us to design a bus network that goes as far as Annacotty village but does not come to the business park despite thousands of workers coming in and out of here every day. “

She said Chamber members are grappling with the consequences of this decision. The announcement, made just before Christmas, caught the business community off guard and added strain to an already challenging operational landscape.

Government party Oireachtas members present at the meeting acknowledged the concerns raised by the businesses and Limerick Chamber and committed to reviewing the situation. They assured the attendees that every effort would be made to improve the situation and that they would press for connectivity to the business park, ensuring that employees, clients, and visitors have reliable and convenient transportation options.

Dee Ryan said “Limerick Chamber will continue to pursue this matter and remains hopeful that our concerns will be addressed.  We thank the Oireachtas members for attending the meeting and look forward to continuing to work with them. “

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