Chamber CEO welcomes local authority plan for getting business up and running again

The CEO of Limerick Chamber has welcomed the publication by Limerick City and County Council for guiding business in the city through COVID-19 with a suite of innovative measures.

The plan, which was published today for public consultation, “shows the type of vision, flexibility and courage needed for Limerick as it tries to help businesses reopen and encourage people to visit”, CEO of Limerick Chamber Dee Ryan said.

“We are really happy to see the publication today of this plan. No one needs to hear any more about how challenging things are for business but what we do need to hear and see are solutions and this plan from Limerick City and County Council is solution-based.

“It shows vision, it is innovative and it has been brought together quickly, with the type of speed and creativity that is required for businesses to get back to work.  Not just that, it is geared very much towards really enhancing Limerick’s attractiveness as a destination for people to come to spend time in.”

She continued: “This is a shared vision and at Limerick Chamber we have spent quite an amount of time in discussion with the local authority over recent years about how we enhance the city from a business and visitor perspective.

“This plan is fast-tracking ideas and innovations for Limerick so that it can now reopen in a way that enables businesses to look after customers and yet trade viably. In addition to the pedestrianisation of streets during this trial period, the local authority is going to animate the city so that it is not just a destination that people can feel they are looked after in from a health perspective but that they also can enjoy like no other given the restrictions in place.”

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