COVID-19 Unemployment Payment UPDATE

Last night Regina Doherty announced a simplified, emergency COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment that is to be used for anyone who is no longer able to work – employees or the self-employed as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

If you regrettably need to temporarily lay-off team members here are the steps they need to take in order to start receiving an unemployment benefit: 

STEP 1: Complete and return this form immediately.

I have spoken again this morning to the Limerick Regional Manager of the department of social welfare and he has asked that, for public health safety reasons, you help your employees to submit their applications in the following way:

Collect completed forms from your employees and post them in batch to Intreo Centre, Dominic Street, Limerick V94 X327
Save the completed forms as PDF’s and email them to
Post to the PO Box address that is printed on the form.

To avoid double entry, please only use one of these application methods.

STEP 2: The COVID-19 Unemployment Payment is for a period of six weeks only so please inform your employees that to ensure payment beyond the six weeks they must also apply for jobseekers support: 

Laid off Temporarily – apply through the online portal at or alternatively by sending a scanned PDF copy of form UP1 to during the six week period.

A lot of members are wondering what to do for key team members who they would like to keep paying but don’t have any work for?

In an effort to relieve pressure on the social welfare system, the Government has asked employers, where possible, to continue to pay staff the jobseekers rate of €203. The Government is in the process of setting up a reimbursement fund so that these payments can be claimed back by the employer at a later date. We are awaiting further information on this, including HOW LONG the reimbursement will be available for – Kieran O’Donnell is seeking clarification for us on this and will update you as soon as we know more.

What about staff who you still need but whose hours have been reduced – workers whose hours have been reduced need to complete and return the following forms and return either by post or by email as a scanned PDF attachment – form UP1 and UP14STWS – STWS Employer Declaration to

Alternatively, if they are already set up on MYGOV/MYWELFARE these employees can also apply through the online portal at  

If you are self-employed but no longer earning as a result of the crisis you can also access the emergency COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment by following the instructions in STEP 1 above.

The self-employed are also required within the 6 week period to apply for Jobseekers Benefit (self-employed) through the online portal at or alternatively by sending a scanned PDF copy of form UP1B-JBSE to

Limerick Chamber will be working remotely as of 5pm today (16th March) and encourage those of you who can to do likewise.

The onus is on us all to restrict our face-to-face contacts with other people immediately in an effort to spread out the hit on our Mid West Regional Hospital in the coming weeks. There is little point in asking ‘what can I do to help?’ in three weeks time NOW is when you can help.

On a lighter note, the Chamber will be taking a step into becoming a digital service!  Join us on the journey by keeping up with these emails and checking in for webinars and videos on our website.

Further updates to follow on how your team can sign up for our newsletter.

We will endeavour to keep providing you with relevant and useful updates, and we will continue to work with government and other stakeholders to help you through this difficult and uncharted territory.

Best wishes from all of the team in the Chamber
Dee, Catriona, Caoimhe, Mary, Margaret, Anne, Annette, Antoinette & Mary Mc.


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