How Flexible Working Can Benefit Your Business in 2020

Date: Wed 26th Feb 2020

Time: 07.30am – 09.00am

Location: Limerick Chamber, 96 O’Connell St, Limerick

In association with:

Limerick Chamber together with Employmum/Employflex will be hosting a workshop which will outline the key areas in which flexible working can benefit your business in 2020.

Employmum are leaders of the flexible work resolution in Ireland and have now launched a new arm to the business called Employflex. MD Karen O’Reilly has held workshops all over Ireland for women returning to work. She has also been a recent keynote speaker at the UCC Diversity and Inclusion Conference.

Employmum/Employflex have developed a flexible work audit for companies and have a flexible quality mark which they award to companies who are truly offering Flexible working solutions.

This event will feature a presentation on the following areas:

  • What is flexible work?
  • Adapting to and incorporating a Flexible work culture for Employers and Employee’s
  • Overview of the new EU directive regarding Work/Life Balance
  • Remote work as a skill/trend

Speakers include:


Karen O’Reilly

Founder and Managing Director of Employflex- Leading the flexible work revolution in Ireland

Fergus Chawke

Flexible Work Specialist

Maria Treacy- MD of Reconnect

Remote working solutions for businesses, teams and individuals.


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