Reopening Limerick and Embracing Change

Limerick Chamber has been a strong supporter of the Mobility Plans for Reopening Limerick which were drafted by our Local Authority, however we are disappointed that the first phase of the implementation of this living plan does not include much of the trial reallocation of space originally envisaged.

The Chamber, representing 440 member organisations supporting 50,000 jobs, has a keen understanding of the strategic importance of Limerick city for the whole of the Mid West. We are committed to being a proactive driver for the development of a vibrant city at the heart of our region in support of all businesses, including hospitality and retail. While the current economic shock is a formidable challenge to all, it is also an opportunity for us to adapt and evolve. We cannot stand still. The need to embrace change is more pressing now than ever.

The measures approved by Metropolitan Councillors, including the reallocation of space for cycle paths, the lower advisory speed limit and the temporary pedestrianisation of Nicholas street are certainly a move in the right direction, but more is required if Limerick is to compete with alternative Irish cities who have already embraced pedestrianisation, driving more visitors and increasing levels of commerce. We believe the Mobility Plan as originally drafted was an opportunity for us to trial something new.

In the spirit of partnership and looking to the future, we continue to collaborate on this issue with our Local Authority to support their work and convey the views of our members, to guide Limerick through these challenging times. In doing so we are seeking support for additional measures which will complement the plan as is.

We are looking forward to seeing the City Centre evolve over the coming months, and are hopeful that many of the measures being trialled will drive permanent positive change for all businesses and citizens in the region. The world has changed and Limerick must too.

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