Limerick’s first in person Directly Elected Mayor Debate to be held on the 21st of May

Limerick Chamber with hosting Partners Technological University of the Shannon and media partners the Limerick Post will be holding the debate live from the Millennium Theatre at the Moylish Campus on the North Side of the City

Limerick, 08 May 2024: The stage has been set for an engaging and enlightening debate, heralding the arrival of a directly elected mayor to lead this vibrant city and county.  As Limerick prepares for a significant milestone in its democratic journey, and to make history as the first city in Ireland to have a directly elected Mayor, this debate / hustings will bring candidates to the fore to discuss their plans for the entire county of Limerick.

The debate / hustings is being brought forward by a partnership between Limerick Chamber, Technological University of the Shannon and Limerick Post – with the Technological University of the Shannon acting as hosting partners for the debate and the Limerick Post acting as media partners.

In the coming days a diverse panel of organisations and people will be brought together to guide the focus and the questions of the debate. It is anticipated that this panel will consist of people both internal and external of the partner organisations.

Pat Leahy, Political Editor of the Irish Times is set to moderate the debate.

This historic occasion marks a new chapter in Limerick’s governance, empowering its citizens with a direct voice in shaping their future. The debate will be a platform for all candidates to articulate their visions for Limerick, addressing crucial issues ranging from economic development and infrastructure to social and environmental sustainability. Through discourse and thoughtful exchange, candidates will demonstrate their leadership qualities, innovative ideas, and commitment to serving the interests of Limerick’s diverse communities.

The event will be open to all, and citizens and groups are encouraged to participate actively in this democratic process by attending the debate and engaging with the candidates, and expressing their views on the direction they envision for Limerick’s future. Their input will be instrumental in informing the electoral decision, ensuring that the elected mayor embodies the collective aspirations and values of the people of Limerick.

The debate will be held at the Millennium Theatre, TUS Moylish Campus on Tuesday 21st of May at 6.30pm.

Registration is essential, register at


Professor Vincent Cunnane, President of the Technological University of the Shannon, said:  “ We are very glad to partner with Limerick Chamber and the Limerick Post on this historic debate.  TUS’s mission is to serve our community and our region.  By hosting this debate, we are facilitating public debate at a very significant juncture for Limerick and the broader region. “


Noel Gavin, President Limerick Chamber, Said: “ As a strong advocate for the advancement of the region, Limerick Chamber, in conjunction with our partners, TUS and the Limerick Post, are delighted to bring forward a debate amongst the candidates for the Directly Elected Mayor. We are looking forward to bringing Pat Leahy, Political Editor of the Irish times, to Limerick to moderate this historic debate “

Will Ryan, Editor & Publisher of the Limerick Post, said The Limerick Post is proud to play a part in facilitating this crucial conversation. Local media has a unique responsibility to inform and connect our readers with the issues, particularly in such a historic election. By shining a light on the candidates’ visions and priorities, we hope to empower the people of Limerick to make well-informed decisions in choosing who will shape the County’s future


Limerick Chamber

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